Marselisborg Marina welcomes you and your motorhome.

We can offer barbecue areas, city bikes as well as a unique location and a fantastic view of Aarhus Bay.

You will find the motorhome pitch at the eastern end of the harbor by continuing straight along Marselisborg Havnevej.
In winter, we use the space for boat storage, but in that case you are welcome to continue along the road and park on the pier by the swimming club.

Note: It is not possible to book in advance but there is usually room for everyone. 

As the motorhome pitch is located on a harbour, work may occur in the area in the spring and autumn in connection with the lifting and launching of boats.

Check in and out

  • Check-in and out takes place at the boom, which you encounter when you continue through the harbor via Marselisborg Havnevej.
  • You pull a note in the machine at the boom, which goes up immediately.
  • You drive into the motorhome pitch.
  • At the pitch you pay via your mobile phone or you can use the machine, which you find behind the port office (Marselisborg Havnevej 54). Remember to bring the note from the boom.
  • If you do not want to stay at the place anyway, you must leave it within an hour of arrival.
  • Check out takes place at 12.00 on the day of departure.


Extend your stay

Use your phone or the screen behind the port office if you want to extend your stay.

Please note that you must extend your stay BEFORE 12 on the day of departure, otherwise you have to start over and buy a new stay at the boom.

Buy power

There are two ways you can buy power:

Use link
1. Note the number of the connector you wish to use.
2. Use the link you received when you checked in. Alternatively, go to and select Marselisborg Lystbådehavn
3. Select “Buy Power”.
4. Select “Power for Motorhome”.
5. Follow the steps.
6. Pay by card.

Use the screen behind the port office
1. Write down the number of the connector you want to use.
2. Go to the screen behind the port office (the “yellow tower” in the middle of the port). Address: Marselisborg Havnevej 54.
3. Select “Motorhome”.
4. elect “Buy Power”.
5. Follow the steps from there.
Pay by card or Mobilepay.

Where are the toilets and showers?

There are toilets and showers in various places in. See the overview map.

Use the PIN from the note you received when you checked in to gain access.

If you are going to take a shower, use the bathing facilities in the house next to the motorhome pitch.

Where can I buy groceries and breakfast bread?

The nearest shopping opportunities are in M.P. Bruunsgade, which is located approx. 20 minutes walk from Marselisborg Marina. Click on the icons to see the addresses on Google Maps.

How Do I Get to the Centre of Aarhus?

The centre of Aarhus is located approximate 2 km from Marselisborg Marina. You can get there in several ways.

By foot  

  • Exit the Marina via Marselisborg Havnevej.
  • Turn right and follow Strandvejen until you reach Søndergade.
  • Follow Søndergade into the city.

By bike  

  • Donkey Republic leases their orange city bikes via their app.
  • The bikes are parked in different locations on the marina, but most of them are gathered in the bend at the entrance to the marina.
  • For more information please visit Donkey Republic. 

By bus

  • Follow Marselisborg Havnevej out of the marina.
  • Cross the pedestrian crossing at Strandvejen to Dalgas Avenue.
  • A lot of buses stop here, and most drive into the centre of Aarhus.
  • For more information on public transportation visit Rejseplanen.
  • For information on bus tickets visit Midttrafik 

By Taxi

  • Aarhus Taxi: 0045 89 48 48 48
  • Dantaxi: 0045 48 48 48 48
Foto: Visit Aarhus, Your rainbow panorama, Olafur Eliasson, 2006 - 2011, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.
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