Sailing guests

Marselisborg Marina has 490 berths.

As a guest sailor you can dock by the green berths. All other places can only be used in agreement with the Port Office. Unfortunately it is not possible to book a place in advance.

How do I pay for a guest berth?

We are in the process of implementing a new power and payment system at the port, and we are therefore running two systems at the same time. This means the following for your stay:

Guests at bridge bridge A / B, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7
If you are located by bridge A / B, C, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 you can use the screen behind the port office to pay for boat space and electricity (remember to note the space number). You will receive a code that can be used for door entrances and baths (use the baths where there is a sign with online booking). If you want an extra bathing card, it can be purchased at the port office.

Guests at bridge 6, 8, 9, 10
If you are at bridge 6, 8, 9 or 10, you can buy an access card and pay port fees at the port office. The card gives access to showers, toilets and electricity.

If you arrive outside our opening hours, you can buy a card at Ishuset at the harbor and pay for your berth at the harbor office the next day. If they are not open, you can use the port’s public toilets (see map).

Where can I dock with my boat?

You must dock if:

  • The sign at the berth is turned green.
  • The berth fits the size of your boat.

If the owner of the space returns home

  • All berths in Marselisborg Marina are owned or rented by someone on a permanent basis.
  • In high season, you may therefore be asked to move to another vacant space if the owner of the space returns home.
  • The owner of the berth must report home 24 hours before he/she returns to the place. Therefore, you usually have plenty of time to find another vacancy.


If you are a guest at Marselisborg Marina, please use “Marselisborg Lystbådehavn Guest”. There is no password. 

Du finder havnekontoret i det "gule tårn" midt på havnen.


You can buy diesel and petrol in the tank facility at bridge 5. Please note that you can only pay by card.

How do I access power?

Be aware that the port is in the process of transitioning to a new payment system, which is currently is implemented on some of the power stands.

Stand with QR code
When you want electricity on a stand at a berth with a QR code, it can be purchased together with the payment for the berth. Use the screen behind the harbor office. Remember your berth number.

Stands without QR code
On electric stands at places without QR codes, you must use a Tally Card, which can only be purchased at the port office during our opening hours.

You open the stand and insert the card into the reader. After one beep, you have deposited DKK 15. When you have finished using power, you insert the card again. After two beeps, the money is returned to the tally card.

Where are the toilets and showers?

There are toilets and showers in various places at the marina. See the overview map.

Where can I buy groceries and bread?

At Kaj Kiosk on Havnetorvet you can buy bread and whatever else you need.
Otherwise, the nearest shopping opportunities are in M.P. Bruunsgade, which is approx. 20 minutes’ walk from Marselisborg Harbour. Click on the icons to see the addresses on Google Maps.

How do I get to the center of Aarhus?

Aarhus’s center is located approx. 2 km from Marselisborg Marina.

By foot

  • Exit the harbor via Marselisborg Havnevej.
  • Turn right onto Strandvejen and follow it until you reach Søndergade.
  • Follow Søndergade into the city.

By bike

  • Donkey Republic rents out their orange city bikes via their app.
  • The bicycles are parked in different places on the harbor, but most are gathered in the bend at the entrance to the harbor.
  • Get more information here

By bus

  • Follow Marselisborg Havnevej out of the harbor.
  • Cross the pedestrian crossing at Strandvejen to Dalgas Avenue.
  • A number of buses stop here, and most drive into the centre of Aarhus.
  • Use Rejseplanen
  • Read more about tickets here


Aarhus Taxi: 89 48 48 48
Dantaxi: 48 48 48 48

Foto: Visit Aarhus, Your rainbow panorama, Olafur Eliasson, 2006 - 2011, ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.

Where is the playground?

You will find the playground by following Marselisborg Havnevej to the east. The playground is located just before you reach the barrier to Østmolen. See also our overview map.

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