State of alert

ALARM: CALL 112 (you will get the alarm center).

Request an ambulance, fire or environment
Tell briefly and precisely about the accident: Where at the port the accident happened

Rescue numbers on MH

The eastern part of the marina: F499
The western part of the marina: F498
(There are signs in the areas).

If help is needed centrally, report Marselisborg Havnevej 54.
If you call from a mobile phone, remember to give up Marselisborg Marina, Aarhus

Inform the emergency center about: 

  • What has happened
  • How many have been injured
  • Which phone number you call from – also mobile phone number.
  • (stay on the phone if your help is not needed at the scene of the accident).

Contact point

Agree on the boom at the dinghy ramp as a contact point for the emergency response. Make sure someone is posted who can show the way to the accident site.

In the event of accidents and mishaps, the port office must be informed on 86198644

Contact information

Police: 114

Emergency room, Aarhus University Hospital: see contact information here.

Doctor: +45 70113131

Aarhus Fire Brigade: +45 86767676

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